Desember 12, 2019

Dewan Kesenian Jakarta



The Jakarta Arts Council (Dewan Kesenian Jakarta, DKJ) is one of the art institutions formed by the art community and dedicated in 1969 by Ali Sadikin, the DKI Jakarta governor of the time. The duties and functions of DKJ are those of a working partner for the governor of DKI Jakarta: formulating policy supporting the development of art and art-based activities throughout DKI Jakarta. DKJ has 25 members; all artists, cultured people, and intellectuals involved in the arts who serve on 6 committees: Film Committee, Music Committee, Literary Committee, Art Committee, Dance Committee and Theater Committee. The vision and mission of DKJ are to motivate artists to develop and expand their creativity and production of artworks; present quality art works and productions of all kinds to the public; while preserving, developing, and expanding the growth of the art sector in Jakarta. DKJ is the umbrella protecting and nurturing the arts while building bridges between the art community and the public so that Jakarta becomes the leader in the arts. DKJ also accommodates the creation of an inspiring climate in which all artists can develop and present quality art works and performances to the public.



home63  Jl. Cikini Raya 73, Jakarta 10330

phone16  +62-21-31937639, 3162780, 39899634



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