September 18, 2019


The Indonesian Arts Coalition is an incorporated association in the Republic of Indonesia.

The Indonesian Arts Coalition aims to support arts development in Indonesia. This initiative began with a concern about the importance of arts value for civil societies. Arts emphasizes equality of humans and highlights characteristics of the collectives or individuals who create the arts. The power of arts is the core of civilizations and cultures, so that when such civilizations and cultures are in decay, only the arts artifacts and intellectuals will last and often shape the next eras to come.

Such tremendous power of arts materializes in arts forms as communal catharsis and social solidarity strengthening, which moves along with tendencies of fanaticism and fundamentalism in societies. That power also emerges in arts as lifestyle and perspectives of future generations, which strengthens the identities of communities or nations who sow and keep arts alive. Artistic crafts and skills also supports and economically empower the people, while contributing more and more to the national income, therefore overcoming the decline of employment and challenges in social-economic changes.

The government’s lack of attention to management of incredible power of arts and culture, along with the rise of demands to shape national climate as enabler of artistic creations and activities, links several arts institutions with extensive track records to form an arts coalition.

The Indonesian Arts Coalition is an embryo of an institution that aims to improve the channeling of artistic and cultural energy in the nation, so that such artistic and cultural potentials can manifest optimally. The Coalition will reach that goal by, among others, working to establish a system that facilitates mobilization of public and private fund for arts and culture development, analysing arts and culture politics, and developing an arts and culture infrastructures development strategy that will be able to reach as many people as possible.

These efforts are parts of a movement that strengthen arts life in the nation and endeavour to contribute more to the global arts treasure. A healthy artistic and cultural life will bring fresh power to our civil lives and will enable public creativity to thrive, thus we can solve our problems with dignity.

– This manifesto is stated in the Indonesian Arts Coalition’s deed of incorporation.