February 23, 2019

Partners of Koalisi Seni

Indonesian Art Coalition (Koalisi Seni Indonesia) partners constitute parties who have contributed to or provided facilities and/or infrastructure for continuing collaboration with KSI to achieve the following goals:

  • Strengthening policy for the arts.
  • Establishment of a mechanism for the handling/management and development of the arts.
  • Facilitation of the development of art infrastructure within the context of art production, distribution, education/provision of information and knowledge, and promotion of the arts.
  • Motivation of discussions and discourses about the arts and culture in order to strengthen the leadership and position of the arts in Indonesia.

Currently the following are KSI Partners:

The Embassy of Denmark

The Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia is located in Kuningan, Jakarta, and is engaged with many different aspects of Danish-Indonesian relations. Our main focus is on:

a. Visa and consular services (Travel and residence)
b. Development corporation (Danida)
c. Supporting sustainable partnerships between Indonesian and Danish companies (Danida Business Partnerships)
d. Assisting Danish companies in their activities in Indonesia (Trade Council)
e. Government to Government cooperation (G2G)

Pusat Studi Hukum dan Kebijakan

Pusat Studi Hukum dan Kebijakan Indonesia (PSHK) is non profit and non partisan organization that struggle to achieve legal reform through research and advocacy.


Penabulu Alliance is a strategic alliance for the development of ideas, initiatives, and activities to strengthen Indonesia’s civil society organizations; established within the framework of capacity building for each alliance member in an effort to foster mutual strength and gather resources as well as broader participation of all stakeholders. Cooperation ties in the alliance are developed as “loose ties”, in which each party has the freedom to achieve their own goals, yet still bounded collectively by a long term vision, that is: empowered and sustainable civil society in Indonesia.


Indorelawan is a nonprofit organization that makes the collaboration between volunteers and the community with a social mission becomes easier. They are a group of ordinary people who want to be part of efforts to make Indonesia better.


Throughout Indonesia’s communication industry history, CBN has been the stellar pioneer that amplifies in time due to its focus in business, commitment in service and endless product innovations. Founded in 1995 as PT Cyberindo Aditama, CBN has grown into a full-fledged, trusted ISP with a broad range of Internet services. Since August 2008, CBN was officially granted with license of NAP (Network Access Provider), therefore CBN has the freedom to develop its own infrastructures.


In pursuit of its vision and mission, FITRA employs the following strategies on the basis of provisions in its Constitution:

  1. Provision of a data base on State budgets.
  2. Analysis of State budgets: carried out by examining budget programs/policies, budget implementation and evaluations of the entire budget process. These analyses will hopefully generate practical and simple modeling easily understood by the general public.
  3. Conduct of budget advocacy: aimed at raising awareness within the community and within community groups/organizations of the need to promote budget transparency both by participating in formulation & parliamentary discussion of budgets and by playing a role in the control of budget implementation and in budget accountability processes.
  4. Establishment of budget control networks involving various elements of civil society both at home and abroad.
  5. Dissemination of budget transparency information via the print media, the electronic media, public discussions, public hearings and interactive sessions on radio, TV and the Internet.


PIRAC is a non-profit organization and an independent resource that provides services in the form of research, training, advocacy, and dissemination of information in the field of philanthropy and the strengthening of civil society organizations in Indonesia with the support of funding from donors, community contributions, and independent business. PIRAC incorporated foundation became active in 1998. Our vision is a society that is empowered, prosperous, and caring for others. While the mission that we want to achieve is to build a caring community.