September 18, 2019


Tenaga LAKi LAKi – Presentation/Residency Program Exibition by Mella Jaarsma at JaF Gallery, Jatiwangi


Mella Jaarsma:


The residency program at Jatiwangi art Factory gave me some inside on social life at Jatiwangi and Jatisura area in West Java. What appeared to me at first glance are the various activities of men. I observed that group activities in public space are mostly done by men with a very little involvement by women. Especially male youth culture with communities of bands and soccer maturates till dozens. Intense competition pushes them to be creative and to develop inventiveness in the area. Each club or community has its logo with its own identity. The aim of each community is to find oneself and be different then the other but at the same time to be connected. I support ‘be brave to revolt’ by collecting the different logos of the metal/ punk groups and soccer clubs and translated them in four kimono’s. The Kimono in this work is inspired by the name of one metal band called ‘Kimonokiller’.

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