Pramoedya Ardhi KrishnamurtiGeneral Admin

    Pramoedya joined Koalisi Seni since March 2020 as General Admin. Pram’s duties are related to office administration, inventory management and office operations, as well as personnel. Before joining Koalisi Seni, Pram was vacillating in a work environment that was not in accordance with his studies and experiences during college. Pram is a graduate of English Literature from Universitas Negeri Jember who during his studies was active in the theater community, arts organizations, and extra-campus organizations. Apart from being interested in the art world, Pram also likes football and cannot be disturbed when his favorite team is playing.

    Let's Speed Up Change

    Imagine Indonesia as a place where everyone can get the maximum benefit from art — we become a nation that is more logical, critical, imaginative, innovative, and tolerant. Art is an integral part of education and all useful activities. You can help Koalisi Seni push for that change to happen more quickly. Click this link to find out how:

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