Retha DunggaOrganizational Development and Partnerships Manager

    Retha Dungga is Koalisi Seni’s Supervisory Board Secretary since April 2019 and Manager of Organizational Development and Partnerships since January 2021. As a manager, Retha focuses her energy to raise funds and partnerships for the sustainability of Koalisi Seni. Her daily tasks include ensuring fundraising activities to run well and facilitating organizational development.

    Retha was Koalisi Seni’s Program Manager from November 2017 until December 2020. Prior to joining Koalisi Seni, Retha was active in anti-corruption and youth movements through Transparency International Indonesia and clubSPEAK. She co-initiated Indonesia’s first and largest volunteer matchmaking portal, Graduated from Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development of the Australian National University, Retha loves to swim and spend her time to visit museum, cinemas and local music venues.

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