Ahmad Bari’ MubarakAdvocacy Staff

    Starting as an internship at Koalisi Seni with the task of updating member profiles, Bari’ is now in charge of managing the network and membership of the Secretariat. Joining Koalisi Seni is like entering a new world, where various arts sectors in Indonesia interact. Before joining Koalisi Seni, Bari’ had time to chew on Indonesian literature and managed the Jakarta Arts Council Novel Contest. He still believes that theater is a field of art full of charm. While occasionally reading contemporary Indonesian novels and guessing how to write a review, Bari’ continues to try to make the world of writing a medium to continue living. In addition, Bari’ used to repair the interior and various kinds of furniture in his house.

    Imagination and critical thinking are the keys to change. Therefore, art is a fundamental prerequisite for the realization of democracy. Support us in establishing policies that fully advocate for artists.