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Let's form a coalition for a better art and culture in Indonesia.

Koalisi Seni (The Indonesian Arts Coalition) is a non-profit organization working toward artistic freedom, giving rise to a healthier Indonesian arts ecosystem. Get to know us more in this three-minute video:


Koalisi Seni (The Indonesian Arts Coalition) is a non-profit organization working toward artistic freedom, giving rise to a healthier Indonesian arts ecosystem.

Several actors and communities in the arts industry established Koalisi Seni to cater for the need of an umbrella organization which can represent them. Our vision is to promote the development of public policy which supports artistic freedom for a healthier arts ecosystem. To that end, Koalisi Seni is advocating for policies on art, supporting the establishment of the arts endowment fund, and strengthening the knowledge management as well as fostering the network of the organization members.

The formation of Koalisi Seni was initiated in 2010. At the time, Yayasan Kelola under the aegis of Hivos conceived and organized the first meeting held in Bogor, West Java, on April 5–6, 2010. At the meeting, around 21 individuals and groups agreed to continue the formation of this organization. The second meeting was held in Yogyakarta on May 4–5, 2010, producing more concrete programs for the newly-formed organization.

The name Koalisi Seni Indonesia was born during the subsequent meeting, held in Bandung, West Java on June 21–22, 2010. On the same occasion, five members of the steering committee were appointed, who would assume responsibilities until the organization officially secured its legal entity status. The draft of the articles of association and bylaws, which had been prepared by the steering committee, was then discussed at the next meeting in Jakarta on March 19, 2011. It was later agreed that Koalisi Seni must be introduced to as many people in the arts industry as possible, and the organization should invite more new members. By April 2021, Koalisi Seni consists of 288 members from 21 provinces across Indonesia.

At the Working Meeting for the Establishment of Koalisi Seni in Jakarta on May 3, 2012, a commitment was made to make Koalisi Seni a catalyst for better arts development in Indonesia.

Koalisi Seni, as an umbrella organization, is expected to be able to act as a facilitator and dynamist to realize its missions. The Working Meeting also succeeded in inaugurating the Articles of Association of Koalisi Seni and electing the Management and Supervisors for the 2012-2015 term of office. Since then, Koalisi Seni has been active in gathering and managing knowledge and resources, encouraging the presence of public policies on the arts, and expanding networks.

Until 2020, Koalisi Seni has carried out various activities to advance the arts ecosystem. Among other things, the socialization of PP No. 93/2010 concerning tax incentives for cultural arts donations, Cultural Hotspots in 4 regions of Eastern Indonesia which took place from 2015 to 2017, advocated for the Culture Bill to become Law No. 5/2017 concerning the Advancement of Culture, and encouraged philanthropy for arts and culture through the Philanthropy Cluster to Arts and Culture. Koalisi Seni was also involved in facilitating the 2018 Indonesian Music Conference in Ambon and 2019 in Bandung, advocating for the Music Bill in 2019, actively participating in the preparation of the Indonesian Cultural Strategy through various Cultural Pre-Congress forums, and encouraging better arts sector policies in the COVID-19 pandemic. . In addition, Koalisi Seni continues to actively encourage the creation of the Arts Endowment Fund.

Koalisi Seni is also active in conducting studies and research related to arts and culture policies as part of its advocacy. Among others, a study related to budget management of the Ministry of Education and Culture and Tourism and Creative Economy in 2014; studies related to art funding in three countries, namely Brazil, Australia, and the United States; research about Sustainability of Art Institutions in 8 Cities in Indonesia in 2015; and Art research for Critical Thinking Methods: A Case Study on Let’s Share Art in 2018. Koalisi Seni has also published the book Impact of Art in Society to increase public support for art and culture, and The Art of Giving for the Arts as a guide for art philanthropists.

This list will continue to grow until Koalisi Seni’s vision is achieved.

Please download the information brochure about Koalisi Seni at this link.


Koalisi Seni Indonesia is an incorporated organization with status as an association based in the Republic of Indonesia.

The aim of this association is to support the development of arts across Indonesia. The fact that arts have significant value to the life of civil society is the reason the initiative was started. The arts reflect the similarity among civilizations and at the same time underline the uniqueness of a civilization or even an individual who creates that work of art. Lying within the core of civilization and culture is the power of arts itself, and when the former two deteriorate, only arts artifacts and the intellectuals remain, which stand the test of time, and quite often, they might even create a whole new, succeeding era.

That huge power of arts manifests itself as a communal catharsis and a bond which strengthens social solidarity to walk along with the attempt of eroding fanaticism and fundamentalism in the society. Additionally, it also presents itself as both the lifestyle and way of life of the rising generation as well as something that shows the true identity of a community or a nation which plants and nurtures it. Similarly, craftsmanship and artistry are the forces that support and empower the economy, contributing more and more to the national revenues, and in turn, opening up new job opportunities and conquering the crashing waves of socioeconomic changes.

The lack of the government’s attention to the management of the huge power of arts and culture and the increasing demand for the creation of an ecosystem which enables many works of arts and arts activities to thrive have united several arts institutions with a long history of their own to create an arts coalition.

Koalisi Seni, hence the name, is the seeds of an institution whose aim is to better facilitate the artistic and cultural energy in Indonesia so that this artistic and cultural potential can optimally realize its power. The goal is achieved through fostering the development of a system which facilitates an easier mobilization of public funds and community funds for developing arts and culture, meticulously analyzing the arts and culture politics, and developing strategies for fostering the development of arts and culture infrastructure with adequate scope.

This initiative is a part of a movement which supports the dynamics of arts across the country and contributes a lot more to the world’s arts collection. The vigorous arts and culture dynamics will certainly breathe a new life into the whole nation, enabling creativity to thrive in the community and therefore, addressing its issues ethically.

This manifesto is contained in the Deed of Establishment of Koalisi Seni.

The composition of the Supervisors and Management of Koalisi Seni Indonesia for the period 2018-2021

Board of Supervisory dan Executive Koalisi Seni Indonesia (2021-2024)


Chair: Linda Hoemar Abidin

Members: Nicky Yuventius, Keni Kurniasari


Chair: Kusen Alipah Hadi

Vice Chairs: Kartika Jahja, Heru Hikayat

Secretary: Aristofani Fahmi

Treasurer: Tita Djumaryo

Secretariat Staff Composition of Koalisi Seni Indonesia

Program Team

Advocacy Manager: Hafez Gumay

Art Policy Research Coordinator: Ratri Ninditya

Art Policy Researcher: Aicha Grade Rebecca

Network Coordinator: Oming Putri

Program Assistant: Ahmad Bari’ Mubarak

Communication Manager: Isma Savitri

Creative Communication Specialist: Amalia Ikhlasanti

Organizational Development and Partnership Manager: Retha Dungga

Specialist Development and Partnership Manager: Muhammad Wildan

Program Assistant Development and Partnership Manager: Nasha Razak

Finance and Personnel Team

Finance and Personnel Manager: Ratna Dwi Puspitasari

Accountant: Dian Nur Fitria

General Admin: Riski Amaliah

Finance Admin: Gineung Patridhina

Culinary and Coffee Curator: Yayat Sudrajat


As an association, Koalisi Seni aims to promote the development of public policy which supports artistic freedom for a healthier arts ecosystem.

To make that possible, Koalisi Seni acts as a facilitator that bridges the gap between arts industry (Koalisi Seni’s network of members) and the stakeholders in arts (the government, the public, media, private sector, etc.) in order to garner support (i.e. policy and financial support).

To that end, Koalisi Seni is focusing its programs on advocating for policies on art, supporting the establishment of the arts endowment fund, and strengthening the knowledge management as well as fostering the network of the organization members.

Work Team Profile



Secretariat Team


For additional documentation, please contact info@koalisiseni.or.id.

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