Oming PutriNetwork Coordinator

    At Koalisi Seni, Oming is responsible for ensuring the organization’s knowledge assets can help secretariat members and staff work optimally in driving changes in art policy in Indonesia. A graduate of the Communication Studies degree program at Brawijaya University, Malang, previously a freelance writer who had studied at the Cemeti writer residency program (2012) and the Indonesian Young Curator & Fine Arts Criticism Workshop held by ruangrupa and the Jakarta Arts Council (2014). Since joining Koalisi Seni, Oming aspires to be a knowledge manager who is able to maximize the potential of public knowledge for public policy advocacy, while continuing to pursue his hobbies in music and cleaning up his residence. He is happy to be greeted on his twitter account @omingpu.

    Let's Speed Up Change

    Imagine Indonesia as a place where everyone can get the maximum benefit from art — we become a nation that is more logical, critical, imaginative, innovative, and tolerant. Art is an integral part of education and all useful activities. You can help Koalisi Seni push for that change to happen more quickly. Click this link to find out how:

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