Ratna Dwi PuspitasariFinance, Administration, and Human Resources Manager

    Usually called as Nanna, with experience as a specialist in nonprofit organizational development since 2010, Nanna encountered Koalisi Seni in 2017 as a financial management specialist.

    Curiosity about art issues led Nanna to become a member and dedicate more time to Koalisi Seni as the Finance and Administration Manager since 2018.

    As Koalisi Seni evolved as an organization collaborating with several donor agencies, Nanna became interested in focusing more on driving Koalisi Seni towards improvements and capacity building in organizational administration. Armed with knowledge gained from studying Psychology as a Bachelor’s degree, and self-improvement through courses and training in HR management, starting in early 2023, Nanna assumed the role as Manager of Finance, Administration, and HR at Koalisi Seni.


    Imagination and critical thinking are the keys to change. Therefore, art is a fundamental prerequisite for the realization of democracy. Support us in establishing policies that fully advocate for artists.