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Policy advocacy is what sets Koalisi Seni (The Indonesian Arts Coalition) in motion. Our vision is to enable artistic freedom through supportive public policy, giving rise to a healthier Indonesian arts ecosystem. Advocacy is one of the important aspects of the initiative for achieving that goal.

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  • One of the biggest issues that plague Indonesia’s creative sector is the lack of an ecosystem which supports the arts management and development initiatives in a good manner. The Law on Advancement of Culture ensures the government’s support and the widest public participation in order to foster that favorable ecosystem together.

    M. Abduh Aziz Chair of the Executive Board of Koalisi Seni for 2012–2019
  • The policy is an appreciation for the donors that have reduced the government’s burdens through the donation. It is so unfortunate that the companies which have funded arts and culture activities do not take advantage of this incentive.

    Linda Hoemar Abidin Member of Koalisi Seni’s Executive Board
  • It is hoped that the tax incentive can attract more philanthropists so that artists can have more freedom in choosing and working on their ethical artistic vision as well as in expressing their creativity.

    Michael Budiman Mulyadi Music and Arts Management Instructor at Universitas Pelita Harapan, Member of Koalisi Seni
  • The arts play a major role in fostering and maintaining the community’s resilience in the face of crises. It means that supporting arts to survive will in turn help the whole community to survive during the pandemic, reducing the burden of other responsible parties.

    Koalisi Seni
  • The state should actively address the violation of artistic freedom in a fair and thorough manner as well as provide protection for the victims and support their recovery adequately. As a result, the protection of artistic freedom will be improved.

    Ratri Ninditya Coordinating Researcher for arts and Cultural Policy of Koalisi Seni
  • In parallel with advocating for better policy for artistic freedom, the strengthening of public institutions is of the same importance, and it includes the strengthening of the national government, local government, police, and any other law enforcement agencies.

    Hilmar Farid Director-General for Cultures of the Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Women and non-binary people pay taxes as well, so there should be protection for them in order to be able to perform arts activities in freedom. However, gender inequality is still a very systemic issue in the arts ecosystem.

    Alia Swastika Curator and arts researcher

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Koalisi Seni has produced a number of research studies and managed knowledge regarding arts and culture policy. A number of studies are also published in book and digital form.


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