Ratri NindityaArt and Culture Policy Research Coordinator

    Retiring as a copywriter in various multinational advertising agencies, Ninin took a master’s degree at the University of Sydney majoring in Gender and Cultural Studies and then landed as a policy researcher at Koalisi Seni since August 2019. Ninin had an internship at ACON, a Health NGO for the LGBTIQ community in Sydney. To challenge the harsh life full of injustice, Ninin also wrote poetry and short stories. His first book of poetry was titled Rusunothing.

    Let's Speed Up Change

    Imagine Indonesia as a place where everyone can get the maximum benefit from art — we become a nation that is more logical, critical, imaginative, innovative, and tolerant. Art is an integral part of education and all useful activities. You can help Koalisi Seni push for that change to happen more quickly. Click this link to find out how:

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