Tita DjumaryoTreasurer

    Tita Djumaryo founded www.GANARA.art in 2013 as an Indonesian art education platform that is engaged in leadership and creative industries which has traveled to 25 cities and reached tens of thousands of beneficiaries throughout Indonesia. Balanced between navigating the realm of government and the private sector, has encouraged the Ganara Mariberbagi Art movement to become a training platform for critical thinking, social inclusion, tolerance, gender equality through programs with various Ministries, UNESCO and various private parties from within and outside the country. In her pursuit of promoting gender equality, Tita is part of the Executive Board of Koalisi Seni along with a number of artists who are actively voicing change through public advocacy and educational activities. Art for Indonesia itself as a digital art media channel designed to respond to the pandemic has facilitated cultural preservation training for female artists from the remote areas as well as strengthening empathy and social inclusion through art to thousands of creative teaching volunteers throughout Indonesia.

    Let's Speed Up Change

    Imagine Indonesia as a place where everyone can get the maximum benefit from art — we become a nation that is more logical, critical, imaginative, innovative, and tolerant. Art is an integral part of education and all useful activities. You can help Koalisi Seni push for that change to happen more quickly. Click this link to find out how:

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