Policy advocacy is at the heart of Koalisi Seni’s work. Koalisi Seni’s vision is the attainment of a better art ecosystem in Indonesia through supportive public policies, making advocacy a vital component in realizing this objective.

Below are Koalisi Seni’s strategic advocacy programs:

Kebebasan Berkesenian

Supported by UNESCO, Koalisi Seni initiated a website as a database for recording cases of violations of artistic freedom. Previously, Indonesia, as a party to the UNESCO 2005 Convention, had never reported on the situation of artistic freedom due to a lack of data. On the other hand, artistic freedom was narrowly understood as freedom of expression, and Artist Status was a blind spot in the policy—artists were not defined as workers (“multiple invisibilities” for women and gender minorities).

Now, the public can contribute by reporting violations they have experienced or are aware of.

Pemajuan Kebudayaan

Koalisi Seni has been actively advocating for the bill since 2014 to shift towards a culture advancement paradigm and to position the government as a facilitator rather than a prohibitor. This advocacy was successful, and the Cultural Advancement Law was enacted in 2017.

The Cultural Advancement Law emphasizes the protection, fostering, development, and utilization of culture, and it adopts a bottom-up approach. Want to learn more about the Cultural Advancement Law? Check it out.

Kelas AKSI (Advokasi Kebijakan Seni)

The AKSI Class (Advokasi Kebijakan Seni Indonesia/Indonesian Art Policy Advocacy) is designed to cultivate policy advocacy agents in the field of art by offering various sessions that delve into the theoretical framework of crucial elements of public policy and the main flow of policy advocacy. The content is presented in combination with issues of artistic freedom, which often intersect with religion, economy, politics, and gender.

Produksi dan distribusi pengetahuan tentang ekosistem kesenian

Koalisi Seni has produced and distributed various resources across different fields that support a better art ecosystem. Our knowledge production spans artistic freedom, governance in the music industry, cultural advancement, gender equity in the arts, and the establishment of an Art Endowment Fund.

Imagination and critical thinking are the keys to change. Therefore, art is a fundamental prerequisite for the realization of democracy. Support us in establishing policies that fully advocate for artists.