Kelas Advokasi Kebijakan Seni Indonesia (AKSI)

What is arts policy? How do we change it to suit our needs?

Learn the know-how in the Indonesian Arts Policy Advocacy Class (Kelas AKSI)!
Watch the introductory videos below:

Of course you’ll need more than two videos to understand arts policy advocacy. You should download the following modules on “Learning the Indonesian Arts Policy Advocacy” here (currently only available in Indonesian language):

Learning the Indonesian Arts Policy Advocacy – Introduction

Learning the Indonesian Arts Policy Advocacy – Method

Finished watching the videos and reading the books but still have a lot of questions? Join the Kelas AKSI, which will be held soon in the second semester of 2021!

This year’s kelas AKSI can only be attended by members of Koalisi Seni. If you’re not a member of Koalisi Seni, look forward to join Kelas AKSI in 2022 📅

Let's Speed Up Change

Imagine Indonesia as a place where everyone can get the maximum benefit from art — we become a nation that is more logical, critical, imaginative, innovative, and tolerant. Art is an integral part of education and all useful activities. You can help Koalisi Seni push for that change to happen more quickly. Click this link to find out how:

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