Music Industry Governance

Commenced in: 2018

To foster the development of Indonesian music ecosystem


Kami Musik Indonesia, Koalisi Nasional Tolak RUU Permusikan, Commission X of the House of Representatives

  • Monitoring of latest issues in the music industry

As an effort to improve the Indonesian arts ecosystem, the Art Coalition is involved in the movement to improve the quality of music industry governance. This process began when Koalisi Seni facilitated a Music Talk session at the Indonesian Music Conference in 2018, which became a room for discussion about conditions and aspirations around the music ecosystem.

In early 2019, Koalisi Seni also advocated for the rejection of the Draft Bill on Music compiled by the DPR. This is because the draft is repressive because it contains a rubber article, requires standardization for musicians, and overlaps with various other laws and regulations. Collaborating with other movements such as Kami Musik Indonesia (KAMI) and the National Coalition to Reject the Music Bill, this advocacy was successful with the withdrawal of the Draft Bill from the list of National Legislation Programs (Prolegnas) on 17 June 2019.Koalisi Seni with KAMI is also working together to prepare the 2019 Indonesian Music Conference in November 2019. The results of this event can be seen at


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