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Jakarta – Art activists go through a lengthy process to come up with a work of art. For instance, there are processes of research, residencies, production, distribution,  marketing, policy advocacy, as well as archiving.

“Many people often disregard the process and only focus on the final result. Therefore, we need to join our hands to guard the artistic process which enables open and innovative thinking. Free expression of creativity will nourish the soul and bring happiness. These are the importances of freedom of expression for the welfare of the community,” said the Manager of Organisational Development and Partnership of The Indonesian Arts Coalition (Koalisi Seni), Retha Dungga, on Tuesday, December 14, 2021.

Public support is needed to guard the freedom of artistic process. Koalisi Seni works together with band White Shoes & The Couples Company (WSATCC) and RURU Shop to engage with the public. The collaboration takes form in three online art classes and packages of #merawatseni containing a sling bag, sketch book, pencil, embroidered emblem, and stickers.

The sling bag as well as the sketch book feature a drawing by the vocalist of WSATCC, Aprilia Apsari, entitled “Sanggar Lukis Anak-Anak” (painting studio for kids), which portrays the significance of guarding the artistic process as early as possible. There is a limited quantity of the exclusive packages, only 200, which is available for pre-order until December 24, 2021 at market place tokopedia.com/tokokoalisiseni.

The art classes delivered by the personnel and manager of WSATCC with the members of RURU Shop will be a sharing session with participants to develop the skills of drawing, playing musical instruments, and producing music merchandise. The three classes will be held in December 2021.

“It matters to us to take care of the artistic process. Music would not exist without a series of creative processes. White Shoes makes sure to maintain that kind of process, for example in the stage of making albums, songs, and music videos, as well as creating the merchandise,” said Saleh Husein, the guitarist of WSATCC.

According to John Navid, WSATCC drummer, the long process allows his band to discover fresh ideas in creating something. “(We do it) By hanging out, gathering, strategizing, or direct interaction. It can also be found while we watch films or concerts, ride bicycles, or swim together. The most crucial moment is surely while eating together. When we eat in a group, we can freely discuss and criticise each other in an intimate and relaxing manner,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Shop Manager of RURU Shop, Zellda Alienpang, believes that buying artist merchandise is one approach to take care of the artistic process. “If we want to buy souvenirs or gifts, please look for official products from the artists. By doing that, we help the artists to continue creating,” said Zellda. “This mutual cooperation will bring great benefit to the artistic process. Hopefully, we will see a healthier art ecosystem in Indonesia.”

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