Art Endowment Fund

Commenced in: 2014

To promote the establishment of the Arts Endowment Fund and its implementation


Directorate-General for Cultures of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Finance, and arts communities

  • The regulation for the Culture Endowment Fund is being developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Finance.

One of the mandates of Koalisi Seni since its inception has been to encourage the establishment of the Arts Endowment Fund. This mission became even more relevant after research on the Sustainability of Art Institutions in 8 Cities in 2016 found that funding was the main challenge in organizing art activities.

In its development, the advocacy of the Bill for the Advancement of Culture became the main vehicle for realizing the Art Endowment Fund. This was achieved when the Cultural Advancement Law passed in 2017 stated – albeit slightly differently – that the government should establish a Cultural Trust Fund. Currently, the government is currently working on a derivative regulation of the Cultural Trust Fund.

To support the advocacy of the Art Endowment Fund, Koalisi Senin also encourages participation and art philanthropy from the public and private parties. One of these efforts is to form the Arts and Culture Philanthropy Cluster in 2017 with the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) and Indonesian Philanthropy.

  • It is hoped that the government and artists’ initiative will not only nurture sympathy, but also enhance Indonesia’s position internationally in pursuit of respect toward the nation. The president has given a mandate to set up an endowment fund for arts and culture, and my responsibility as the Minister of Finance is to realize it.

    Sri Mulyani Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia
  • We will globalize Indonesian culture so that it can receive more attention and develop. We are preparing the Culture Endowment Fund.

    Ma’aruf Amin Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia for 2019–2024



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